amandaxmurder (iheartmytho) wrote,

Week One

So, it's only been one week of a Trump presidency. It's been riddled with scandal and controversy. Somehow I survived.

Sometimes, I wish I could turn off being a political junkie. I'd hate to think about all the time I've spent the last year or so reading articles from Mother Jones, NPR, The Atlantic, Washington Post, New York Times, all about the presidential race and now Trump. I kept up with politics during the last race in 2012. It wasn't nearly this exhausting and time consuming back then.

Although, maybe that's what he wants. He wants us to be exhausted by it all. For this chaos to seem normal, so we all stop giving as many fucks. I hope that doesn't happen.

I truly don't wish any ill will upon President Trump. I want him to be the leader he claims to be for the American People. I want him to do right by EVERYONE. However, I have little faith that will even happen.

Some say he should stop tweeting. I don't do Twitter. I had an account and never used it. It was just one more website that I don't have time to keep up with. Plus, most of my friends that do Tweet, cross-post them on Facebook. I also don't do Instagram for the same reasons. Facebook, Pinterest, Ravelry, and my RSS feeds are enough to keep up with. Anyways, back to Trump and his tweets. I used to never check Twitter. But now, I find myself check his Twitter page to see what next horrendous thing he says.

What Trump tweets, it is so unpresidential. I get why he does it, but the language. You can be bold and brusk, but in a more appropriate way. Instead, Trump comes off as a petulant turd child. The things he tweets about really can't be conveyed in 140 characters or less. There's so much nuance in many government things and thoughtful discussion can't be done via Twitter. However, I think the attention span of so many Americans is so short, that we don't have the time to understand the nuance. If it can't be summed up in an attention, viral headline, we don't care. SAD!

However, as much as I hate the petulant tweeting, I think Trump should keep on doing it. If this is how he truly is, then I don't want him to hide it all. Let him destroy himself.

And the ridiculous controversies so far....

First, there's the inauguration crowd size debate. Seriously, who gives a fuck? It wouldn't have been an issue until he started bragging about it. And guess what, the press is going to troll the fuck out of him for it. He can't resist the bait. It's such a silly thing to get upset about, especially when there are more pressing issues.

And now, there's still debate about the popular vote and illegal voting. You fucking won even with people trying to recount the votes on the closely contested states. Why bother? Why be so petty? Unless it's your goal to strip more and more people of their voting rights. I hate sounding like a conspiracy theorist in regards to all of this. But none of this looks or sounds good.
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