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Lily Update

Well, my worst fears have come true. Lily is in the midst of heart failure. I'm so glad I took her to the vet this morning vs. waiting until her scheduled appointment on Thursday. She's still in dire condition now and she's staying at the vet overnight. I'm hoping she pulls through.

The past 6 months or so, when Lily would jump into bed with me at night, I'd give her some extra lovin' and I'd think to myself that she's a senior kitty, and eventually I'll no longer have these moments. I just didn't think it would be THIS soon.

Losing Onyx was tough, but I think losing Lily is going to be tougher. And here I am thinking of the worst again. It's hard to be cheerful when my furkid is so sick.

Lily was always obsessed and possessive of me. My husband and mom, always noticed this. When I'd leave for work in the morning, my husband would tell me how Lily would yowl for a while, wondering where I went. This kitty LOVED me LOTS. It's kind of special to be owned by a cat. I had dogs and cats growing up, but they were never mine and I was never quite there's.

But then, these 2 little black kitties walked into my life. I almost consider them to be my first real pets. They were the first pets I was truly responsible for.

I'm hoping Lily pulls through. But even then, she's going to be on borrowed time. Her poor heart is enlarged, probably because she just loved too much.
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