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Looking Like A Scene Girl More And More Everyday

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2 August 1981
Being a bad girl isn't about breaking the law. It's about breaking the rules--and respecting yourself in the morning. It's about pushing back, pushing the envelope, and pushing yourself to new limits. It's about not being afraid to use your head, your heart, or your honey pot to get what you want.

A bad girl is you at your uncensored best--whoever you are, whatever your style.

I am a bad girl.

a little about me....
I'm an Amanda.
I'm a chemist.
I'm an advocate of feminism.
I drink Pabst Blue Ribbon and Steel Reserve.
My 3 favorite bands are Betty Blowtorch, The Queers, and Tool.
I listen to punk rock and disco.
I'm an Adult Swim addict.

MySpace Profile: http://www.myspace.com/254063
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=13745148

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(ache/emelie), abba, adult swim, alkaline trio, altoids, anti-dashboard confessional, anti-emo, aqua teen hunger force, argyle socks, asian food, atom and his package, avenue d, bad chemistry jokes, bad horror movies, bass guitar, beer, bettie page, betty blowtorch, black, cartoons, cats, chemistry, chemists, christianity, cky, classical music, coffee, converse all-stars, cooking, cover songs, crochet, cuddling, daisy rock guitars, dancing, deceiving ralph, disco, dorks, drag shows, electric six, emily the strange, everlasting gobstoppers, fashion, feminism, fishnets, flogging molly, ghost world, grrl bands, guinness, handclaps, happy tree friends, he-man, hedwig, hello kitty, henry rollins, jackass, john waters, killing succulents, kitsch, knitting, ladytron, le tigre, leo, little joe gould, malt liquor, mc chris, meatwad, metal, michael pitt, mid-century modern, mp3s, murder by death, mushycat, natalie dee, nerf herder, nkotb, nofx, nothing nice to say, pabst blue ribbon, pansy division, panties, paul frank, peanut butter jelly time, piercings, plaid pants, punk, punk boys, punk rock aerobics, purdue, rasputina, ren and stimpy, richard cheese, riot grrl, rockabilly, rocky horror picture show, romy and michelle, sailor jerry, sealab, she-ra, shoes, shopping, staplers, steel reserve, tattoos, tea, tenacious d, the 80's, the beatles, the bend and snap, the family guy, the hipster handbook, the misfits, the murderxcrew, the powergoth girls, the powerpuff girls, the queers, the star wars kid, the urinal mints, the vagina monologues, the vandals, tho, threebrain tool, tiki, toothpaste for dinner, treephort, violin, wine, women in science, yoga

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