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I've never been much of a girly-girl. Not that there's anything wrong with being a girly-girl, as long as it's the person's choice.

Easily, for the past 14+ years, I have had short hair. I couldn't imagine having long hair again. Today, I got my asymmetrical pixie-bob thing cut even more. This time with an undercut. The lower back and sides of my head are now completely shaved. It feels GREAT! I've been experimenting more and more with my hair the past few years than I ever have before. Maybe, it's because I feel secure with employment such that I won't get fired if my hair gets too "weird".

So let's go down Amanda's hair odyssey.

Looking back on photos of me in the early 1980's, I had the haircut that most little girls had at that time. Heavy bangs, with long hair in the back. It was semi-mullet-ish. According to my mom, I pitched a fit anytime she tried to braid it, or put my long hair in any sort of ponytail or pigtail. Maybe this was my start of rejecting many feminine-esque things.

Then, come 4th grade or so, my mom, probably frustrated with me, had my hair cut off into this horrid bowl cut. It was the late 80s and still a haircut of the time. I remember crying my eyes out when the hairdresser cut off my hair.

Then come 6th grade, I had grown my hair out some and convinced my mom to let me get a perm. It was the early 90s. Every girl wanted a perm. So there I was, with heavy, straight bangs, and frizzy perm hair. So cute! I had no idea what to do with my permed hair. I thought that the hair pick wasn't enough to get out the tangles, so I'd brush my hair, leaving it a wavy, frizzy mess. I kept with the perm look for another 2 years.

Then, I started growing out the permed hair. And good riddance. Eventually, it grew out enough, so I was left yet again with heavy-ish bangs and straight hair. Maybe not the cutest of looks. But I pretty much ended up wearing my hair back everyday, because there was always that one weird kink in my straight hair, such that I couldn't wear it down. I had no idea how to use a straightening iron or anything on my hair.

It was my Junior year of high school. It was a weird time. I decided out of the blue to cut my hair and have a bob. It also meant growing out my bangs. This was also the first year I experimented with dyeing my hair. I went with a black semi-permanent dye. I'm still surprised my mom let me do this.

Then, my hairdresser, who did my hair, my mom's, and my grandmother's, died all of of a sudden. He was gay, although I didn't know what gay even meant at that time. We suspect it was HIV / AIDS, but we'll never know. Because, my hairdresser was dead, I went to one of those cheap places to get my hair cut. They didn't understand what a stacked bob was, and ended up shaving the back of my head. Not quite the look I was going for.

Frustrated with my now short hair and not knowing what to do. There was no Pinterest at that time. I then opted to cut it all off via my mom's new gay hairdresser. I was going for that Winona Ryder pixie look. At this time, I had my first real boyfriend. To be fair, I had no idea what was going to happen when I went to get my hair cut. It was also one week before the Winter semi-formal dance. I later eventually found out, that my boyfriend (who was an asshole), almost broke up with me, because I had cut my hair.

I kept with the pixie-do for another 6 - 8 months. I actually liked it. However, my douche-y boyfriend, not so much. So that's when I began the process of growing out my hair. By the time I entered college, my hair had finally reached chin length. I kept growing it out. Despite growing out my hair, my high school boyfriend, who went to the same college as me, never ran his fingers through my now long hair or any of that romantic shit.

So, my hair is now long. But quite frankly, I have a three-head i.e. a short forehead. I need some sort of bang or else I look weird. That's when I opted to go with bangs and long hair, again. It was my sophomore year of college. I still ended up wearing my hair back the majority of the time. I rarely got it cut. Eventually, my hair grew quite a bit past shoulder length. I look at pictures of me from this time period, and damn, that shit looked terrible. No style. Just bleh.

Then, the movie Amelie came out. I instantly fell in love with it. And I wanted the main character's bob with bangs. This was 2002, maybe 2003. I don't quite remember.

I rocked this bob look for quite some time. There were a few variants. Sometimes, I let the bob grow to chin length. Other times, I had it cut much shorter. It's a good hairstyle for me. It was very simple for me to maintain. All I had to do each morning, was run some water through my hair, and brush it, and instant cuteness! I got many compliments on my bob from complete strangers. The only downside was the bangs, actually. The bangs readily picked up any forehead oils, causing them to look greasy and stringy - not cute! And given how fast my hair grows, I'd have to cut my own bangs between hair cuts. Having short hair, you have to get your hair cut every 6 - 8 weeks. But my bangs, needed trimming every 4 weeks or so. Eventually, I got decent enough at trimming my own bangs, but it was a tedious process that took a good 15 - 20 minutes, to make sure my bangs were straight.

Over this time frame, I experimented with various hair colors. For awhile, I was dyeing my hair various shades of auburn. It's a beautiful color of hair. But most cheap hair dyes from the drug store, for this color, don't last long. After 2 weeks, you're left with a brassy colored hair, that isn't cute. Being the chemist that I am, I have read that there's something about the red dyes for hair, that just don't last long, no matter what you do.

I also experimented with black hair dye. Black is an excellent and classic color for a bob. And I did variants of black, blue-black and purple-black. One summer, I went wild. I bleached my hair and dyed it bright red with Manic Panic hair dye. It left my hair a frizzy, damaged mess, and of course the color faded to an awful red-pink color after a week. Then the brown roots started to show. It was a fun color while it lasted.

Eventually, I went to black again. It just worked for my punk-gothy-emo self at that time. Then, come 2007, I got tired of having to dye my hair every 8 - 10 weeks. Being the cheap ass that I am, I opted to dye my hair myself with cheap drug store hair dye. I bought one of those hair dye strippers, from the drug store. Not good. It only ended up bleaching my roots and not removing the black hair dye. Definitely, not a cute look. I then had to bleach all of my hair and I dyed it brown, similar to my natural shade.

I let my hair remain the ugly shade of brown for awhile. But then come 2008, I started to go gray. It was maybe 4 - 6 gray hairs at most, but I wasn't ready to have any of that. I was 27 and not ready for gray hair. So, I started to dye my hair black again. I got some weird looks at the concrete place when I came in with black hair. They thought I was going "goth". Little did they know....

I kept up with doing the black hair (myself) until 2014. That's when I learned a neighbor of mine, a hairdresser, was doing hair with fun colors out of her house. It was tempting. I always wanted "fun" colored hair, but never worked anywhere, that I could get away with it. At my current, secure, job, I work alongside people with visible tattoos. I figured, worst case scenario, if my employer had a problem with my crazy hair, I could always dye it black again.

My neighbor dyed my hair black, but with purple hidden streaks. It was the first time I had anything like this done to my hair. It's a long process, that takes a good 4 - 5 hours to do. Also, around this time, is when I decided that I was bored with Amelie bob and got my hair cut to mimic Jennifer Lawrence's cute pixie-do. No one gave a fuck about my new short hair. And it took 4 - 6 weeks once the purple dye started to fade a bit, before anyone noticed my crazy hair colors.

Since then, I have experimented with blue, teal, and magenta streaks. It's fun. I couldn't imagine myself without crazy colored hair now.

I love my short hair. I couldn't imagine having long hair ever again. I try to tell my friends with long hair, that they need to try it short, at least once. Worst case scenario, it will grow back. Thankfully, the hubby prefers me with short hair. He saw a picture of me with long hair and hated it. My hairdresser also loves my short hair. Probably, because it means I do have to visit her more often vs. those with long hair and only want the "ends" trimmed off, every 6 months. According to my hairdresser, she has fun cutting my hair. It means, she gets to try out all of the techniques she had learned over the year. Actually, it can be difficult to get her to cut my hair even shorter sometimes. My thought is that it will always grow back.

So now, I have this asymmetric pixie-bob-undercut-do with magenta streaks. It's fun. If I wear boyish clothing, I do give off a lesbian vibe. Though, nothing wrong with that. I do need to get it dyed again. I'm thinking black with blue and purple streaks. I'd love to try out the rainbow hair trend or do something even more crazy with the color. But I think that may be a bit too crazy for my employer.
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