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Snowmageddon 2017

Well, I survived the great Atlanta Snowmageddon of 2017. YAY! The folks were super excited that Atlanta might get anywhere from 1 - 5" of snow. The Midwesterner in me, just laughs at this but the South is not prepared at all to hand that white stuff. What ended up happening, is a lot of freezing rain and a light dusting of snow. The majority of the roads were quite passable come the afternoon.

Although, I did have one tree in the backyard snap from the weight of the ice still on its leaves. I'm glad I had 2 sick trees taken out last week. One could have possibly fallen on the house under the right conditions.

I laugh at how snow is handled in the South but it does make sense. Atlanta has maybe 5 snow plows and keeps low stocks of de-icing salts and sand. Quite frankly, snow is such a rare occurrence, that it doesn't make financial sense to keep up with the expenses of removing the snow. I'll move onto some of my Atlanta snow stories in a bit. Although, any threat of the white stuff is enough to panic everyone to raid the grocery stories for bread, milk, and eggs. Apparently, French Toast is a popular thing to make when you're snowed in? I think the weather people are in cahoots with the bread, milk, and egg industries.

I actually like the snow days. They're usually a good excuse to veg when I'd normally be working, something this introvert loves. It means comfy pants, hot toddies, binge watching TV, knitting, and maybe cooking a tasty pot of some sort of soup / stew.

The last Snowmageddon in 2014 was terrible. Atlanta was the laughing stock of the country. It wouldn't have been so bad if everyone had not gone on the treated roads all at the same time. Pretty much every business, school, and government office let everyone off early at the same time. It resulted in the great snow jam. I followed the disaster on Facebook. I had friends that spent 10+ hours in traffic trying to get home. I was lucky that my normal 30 - 40 minute commute only took me 1 hour. If I had left work, 15 - 30 minutes later, I would have been unfortunately stuck in the thick of it. I ended up missing work for 2 days. The one thing that did piss me off, is that I did have tickets to see Book of Mormon, opening night at the Fox Theatre. I was greatly looking forward to the performance, but the showings that night and the following were cancelled. I was at least able to score tickets for another performance, but not opening night.

But because of Snowjam 2014, which left kids on school buses stranded or left at some schools, everyone is now paranoid about a single snowflake. Even before it had started to snow / sleet yesterday, schools and many work places had an early release. According to some teacher friends, many parents opted to not even send their kids to school for fear of a repeat of 2014. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

My last great Atlanta snow experience was in 2011, when 4 inches fell. Schools were out for a week. I missed 2 days of work. I did attempt to go to work on the 3rd day. The roads were still quite bad, but I felt obligated to go in. At that time I was still working for the concrete place, and my coworkers were workaholics. So I always felt guilty if I didn't at least put forth some effort. It turned out that the 2 workaholics came in both days. To be fair, they didn't live that far from the office and could have walked if they wanted to. But still, take yourself a nice day off, like the rest of us.

On the 3rd day, my Floridian hubby decided he was going to attempt to drive in the snow. I told him not too. Even with my snow driving skills, it's still difficult to drive in it. My Honda Civic isn't meant for it. Plus, Atlanta has a lot of hills compared to the relatively flat Midwest. Well, hubby ended up getting his car stuck in the neighborhood, and had to leave his car while he walked home.

Anywho, it's still quite icy out and the temperatures are dropping. There's a 10 degree wind chill warning tonight. I'm going to hunker down extra hard, and enjoy some more relaxation before work and things start to pick up again. I might as well try to keep my batteries charged as much as I can.
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