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Lily and the Brush

Another Lily memory came to me today.

Lily was a short hair kitty. Long hair cats are pretty but I don't have patience for the maintenance that comes with it. However, by brushing a short hair cat, you do cut down on some of the cat hair, that covers everything. Seriously. I have cat hair stuck in my keyboard. No clothing is without at least one strand of cat hair.

I would on occasion brush my cats, but Lily would go crazy for being brushed. For some reason, she liked having her face brushed. I could just hold the brush, and she would somewhat violently rub her face against the bristles. To me it looked like it almost hurt but she would love every second of it. I could even lay the brush on the floor, and she would start rubbing against it. I always thought about getting one of those corner brushing things you can affix to the walls of your house, but I never quite go around to it.

Dammit, I miss that kitty.

The other cat, Captain Caveman aka Cavey, we adopted after Onyx died, is being extra sweet to me. But it's not the same. Cavey is my husband's cat. She prefers him.

I know I'll get around to adopting more cats eventually. I sort of want more black cats, but I wonder if the resemblance would kill me.

I'm having Lily cremated along with her favorite voodoo doll toy. The urn I chose is a black cat that's lying down in a pose similar to one she would do. Her ashes will sit on top of my yarn cubby thing, alongside Onyx's urn.

Part of me wonders, as I get more cats and they die, will I just have this urn / ash collection eventually? Am I THAT crazy cat lady? What happens when I die? As of now, it doesn't look like I'll ever have children. What happens to all of my stuff when I die? Who inherits it? Although, I wouldn't mind having my ashes mixed with my cat's ashes, whenever I do die. But I don't know the legality of that.
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