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More Lily Memories

I may post more Lily memories as they come to me. All one of you who maybe read my LJ anymore are probably tired about hearing about my damn cat. But Lily was more than just a cat to me. Yes, it's different than losing a person. But pets have a special place in your heart. I want to record some memories before they get covered up in my mind by newer ones.

Lily truly loved me. Her love was unwavering. She always wanted to be around me. I live in a split level home. Sometimes, I'd be in the lower level watching TV. You'd hear this yowling sound. It was Lily calling for me, worried as to where I was. Or so I'd like to think. I'd yell out to her, that I was downstairs, and she'd come running down to me, often looking for pets, but so happy to have found me.

Lily was always my constant companion. I have this weird shower / bathroom configuration in my home. The main shower-bathtub has sliding glass doors on both side, with bathrooms on either side. It's weird. But the hall bathroom would be open, while I'd take a shower. She'd sit there outside the shower, sometimes fussing at me as to why I was willing to be so wet.

I didn't let Lily in my bedroom after the great pee incidence. This was many moons ago, back when I lived in a 2-bedroom department, when I first moved to Atlanta. For many years, Lily and Onyx shared the same litter box. But out of the blue, Lily decided she no longer wanted to share, so she peed on our main bed. I pretty much soaked the mattress in Nature's Miracle to get the pee stink out. Yeah, this sounds gross, but it's sometimes what you do as a pet owner. Plus, mattresses are expensive. The hubby and I then had to sleep on our couch. Well....Lily then peed on that, so we had to sleep on the floor, while everything was drying out. Terrible times.

There were sadly a few other pee incidences. It sucks. But as my mom always says, you can't have nice things when you have pets or kids. It's true. The husband always liked to think that Lily's inappropriate peeing was related to me. Whenever I was stressed, she would start peeing on things. Me and Lily did have a deep connection but I don't know if it was quite THAT deep.

Because I was afraid of Lily peeing on my bed, I didn't allow her in the bedroom without me being there. Although, I did eventually let her start sleeping me after the peeing problems. I'd have to get her out of the bedroom each morning by shaking the treat bag. Eventually, I didn't even have to do that much. She associated me getting out of bed, and going into the kitchen to pour my morning tea = treat time. No treat bag shaking required. I'm not sure who had who trained. Did I have Lily trained to get out of the bedroom without shaking the treat bag? Or did she have me trained to give her treats every morning?

While I would get ready in the morning for work, Lily would wait outside my bedroom door, so peacefully. She would then sit on the top steps. I'd give her a pat on the head, and tell her I'll be back later because I have to make money to buy her food and treats. It was one of our morning rituals.

Lily was never much of a lap kitty. Except she'd want to get on my lap, when I was at my computer. Never when I was on the couch. It was quite odd. Sometimes she'd start drooling on me, because she was so content being on my lap. Other times, she'd bite my hand if I wasn't petting her enough. Though the one thing she liked to do while sitting on my lap, especially on lazy weekend mornings, was to accidentally dip her tail into my morning tea. She didn't do it on purpose, but her tail would be happily wagging and it would flop into my tea sometimes. I had to tell Lily, that kitty tail tea doesn't taste good.

That's all of the Lily stories I have for now. I may post more as they come to me.
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