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For those that have friend me on the Facebook, probably already know this, but my dear kitty, Lily, is quite sick.

She's 12 years old and a Senior kitty. I knew that one day she'd have to cross the rainbow bridge, but I never thought it would be this soon. But then again, I'm expecting the worse.

On the 23rd, I noticed out of the blue, she had this weird limp on her back leg, and her paw was knuckling over. She was fine, just a few hours earlier. So the hubby and I rushed her to the emergency vet at 10 PM. It turns out, Lily had a blood clot. I was given a prescription for Plavix, to help break up the clot and some painkillers. That's it. No x-rays, nothing outside of you should follow up with your veterinarian soon.

Giving the pills and painkiller doses to Lily has been a nightmare. I'm already nursing an infected thumb from her biting down on my hand and several scratches. Poor kitty and poor Amanda.

The good news is that the Plavix has worked and Lily is no longer limping. The bad news is, she hasn't been behaving like her normal awnry self. For the most part, she stays in one of three spots all day. I have her quarantined in my craft room which has now been dubbed the kitty hospital. She's also not eating, but at least she's drinking some water.

I'm hoping her lethargy is only a side effect of the medicines. However, I did the kind of stupid think by googling blood clots in cats. Supposedly the prognosis, isn't great. It's good I caught it so soon. However, blood clots are a possible sign of an underlying heart condition.

As some of you may recall, Lily did have a sister, Onyx, who died several years ago from congestive heart failure. It's not something you can routinely test cats for and I was hoping that Lily maybe won the genetics lottery and didn't get this trait. But it looks like, I might be wrong.

I'm taking her into the vet tomorrow. I have an actually appointment on the 29th, but I don't want to wait that long now. I'm hoping for the best but expecting the worse.
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