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So apparently, our oh so wonderful PEOTUS is talking about a Muslim registry again. I still can't believe that shit. It's so terrible.

Yes, there are legitimate concerns about radicalized Muslims. Although, I'd say the same of anyone of ANY faith that has become radicalized.

There's easily over 1 billion Muslims in this world. However, the majority of these Muslims are actually in Asian countries, and we give less of a damn about them because they don't come from the Middle East. I hate the idea of villainizing an entire religion because of a few bad apples. The same goes for Christianity. I have known many wonderful Christians in my life. For the most part, they're not super vocal about anything political. They just want to worship their God and live a quiet, peaceful, Christian life. But there's always that one vocal asshole, that will make you think all Christians are the same as those dicks of the Westboro Baptist Church.

I live in one of the most diverse areas of Atlanta, which means I live near quite a few Muslim folks. Quite frankly, they don't give a fuck about my lily, white ass. They just want to buy their groceries in peace, just like me. The Muslim cashiers at my favorite international market, don't even flinch if I have bacon or alcohol. They're just trying to make a living, and get through their day, just like me. Also, halal chicken sausage and Chinese food is quite tasty. I did get a little creeped out when I saw a woman in a burka, at Michael's one day, buying yarn. I've only seen pictures and videos of women in burkas. It looks oppressive, but it's definitely something else to see it in person - she looks like a giant, black ghost.

Anywho, I thought freedom of religion, was one of the principles, the United States was founded on. I'm all for people practicing their religion however they see fit, as long as it doesn't involve things like animal or virgin sacrifice, because that is kind of wrong in some ways. Though, I think many religions have gotten away from that type of thing.

By no means, am I a scholar of Islam. Some say it's a peaceful religion, others say it's violent. Although, as someone who was raised Catholic, you could say the same of Christianity. The rebuttal I always hear is that the violent Christian stuff is only in the Old Testament, but most Christians adhere to the teachings of Jesus in the New Testament....except when it comes to things such as homosexuality or abortion, or any other controversial social cause. You can cherry pick the Bible and the Quran. Scripture can be interpreted in many ways. Plus, we don't know how much has been lost in translation over the years either.

ISIS, they're a bunch of bad people. And I don't think they represent Islam at all. They're just a bunch of power hungry thugs. And they kill way more fellow Muslims than they do Americans. I still don't understand the Sunni vs. Shia Muslim in-fighting. But quite frankly, the more we demonize Islam, it's just more fuel for ISIS and other radical groups. They need this hatred to recruit disenfranchised youth. It's just like what gangs in the USA do. We do need to stay vigilant about ISIS's activities, but we can't demonize an entire religion because of it. Watch this video from Vice of actual ISIS fighters. You'll see how young and unprepared their fighters are compared to any military.

And there's now the hijab / burqa debate. While, I don't agree with the idea of women having to cover up so much, but if it's what a woman thinks is modest and it's HER choice, then so be it. For some women, not showing any cleavage or thigh, is modest. Other's it's a baggy, turtleneck with long sleeves or looking like one of the Duggars. We need to stop policing what women wear - let them choose how they want to be modest or not at all. Although, I do think that you shouldn't be allowed to drive while wearing a burqa - more for safety reasons than anything else.

Quite frankly, didn't the USA do something similar with the Japanese during WWII? A few years ago, I was on vacation in Los Angeles. I just so happened to be there when the Japanese American National Museum had an exhibit all about Hello Kitty, so of course I had to go check that exhibit out. It was overwhelmingly cute and amazing, by the way. But after you get done looking at the overwhelming cuteness that is Hello Kitty, you then get dumped out into an exhibit about the Japanese internment camps. It was a well done and educational exhibit but damn was it depressing. There were articles from Life magazine from that era about things like "How to spot a Jap" or how to tell the difference between a Japanese person and a Chinese person. Could you imagine seeing such an article in modern day publications? It's some terrible shit. Although, the most heart wrenching part of the exhibit, was that they found one of the actual internment camp barracks, that was still standing. The barrack was disassembled and reassembled inside the exhibit. The barrack was a straight up shack. I couldn't imagine having to live in one.

And we're considering something quasi-similar for Muslims now? Haven't we learned our lesson?

I get that things like 9/11 or the Orlando shootings are horrifying and sad. But given statistics, I'm probably more likely to die in a car accident or die from cancer or heart disease, than be killed in a terrorist act. Yeah, all of this terrorism stuff is scary, and our government needs to stay vigilant but not at the cost of demonizing innocent people.
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