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The "War on Christmas" and Other PC Garbage

Ah, it's time for the yearly "War on Christmas" debate because it's supposedly so uncouth to say Merry Christmas to anyone, and you have to say the more generic Happy Holidays. It's such a foolish thing, that angers most people.

As far as I'm concerned, there's no War on Christmas. Christmas in in full swing. You still get to celebrate the holiday, whether you go to Church or do nothing but drink eggnog. It's an official holiday for many in the USA. Even other, non-Christian countries celebrate Christmas. Did you know, that in Japan, they celebrate Christmas by going to KFC? It's apparently a big damn deal over there.

Christmas is everywhere, even before December. Heck, there are even special stores that sell Christmas stuff year round. I don't see how there's a War on Christmas. The entire world is becoming more and more secular. It's just how it is. If you want to go the Jesus route, that's cool too. You still have the right to do that. No one is blocking you from going to Church on Christmas Day.

The main reason for saying Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas, is that not everyone celebrates Christmas in that way. It's a way of respecting other people's beliefs, and is just a generic nicety. What's so terrible about being nice and respectful? However, I have yet to know anyone outside of militant atheists that get upset about being told Merry Christmas. Quite frankly, there are worse things that people could be saying to you. Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays or Happy Hanukkah or Happy / Merry Whatever is a nice thing to say to someone.

So please, wish me whatever happy holiday of your choosing. I don't mind. It's such a petty thing to be offended over. And it beats being called a fuck face or something like that.

However, I do think PC (politically correct) culture can be a bit overbearing at times. It's confusing. There are contradictions. And the militant PC police types are annoying, when they try to correct everything you say. However, I don't think being PC is a bad thing either. Overall, it's just a way to be kind and considerate of others, and what's so wrong with that?

The PC police are annoying. However, outside of large corporations and government, most individual people are free to say whatever they want. You want to call black people the N-word. It's a bad word, especially for white people to use. But it's legal for you to do that. It's going to be hard for the PC police to actually send you to jail over you exercising your free speech rights. However, you have to be OK with people calling you out on it, and possibly calling you even worse names.

I'm often reminded of this xkcd cartoon. It's quite poignant with the truth of it all.

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